Better Sales And Conversion Rate From Least Customer

conversion-rate1Every marketer has a dream of making sales and conversion out of their traffic online with short amount of time with less downfall. But usually most of them work hard and spend lots of money for buying traffic, making optin list, do some marketing plan and make blood sweats but don’t get enough result as they were usually expecting. Also its common in online business that for a single sale unefficient marketer counts long hours and days and even spends ten times of the cost of the sale he is making.

Where is the catch? Is he making any mistake? Of course for every reason of downfall are systemloss and bugs and also there is a loophole leak proof method exist for every task in the world. It’s a human nature to discover every secret at any stage of the time we are passing by, but yet there are some things that are like Bermuda Triangle or Blackhole where everything get disappeared.

But logically there is a way to increase sales and conversion from least customer by filtering the clients a marketer gets throughout online and that can cut off the cost of his marketing expense and produce more sales and help him to make better conversion rate out of his traffic.

Let say you have bought an optin list from a company and not all of them are a usual online buyer then how can you expect better conversion rate out of that list. So if you get a list from a survey company where you asked for a list that said they have experience in buying products online and few said they want to buy products online in the next 6 months then it will be more profitable for you.

So in case you have a list of 1000 subscribers and a list of filtered subscribers of the same amount which is 1000, then its no doubt that you will get better conversion and make more sale with the filtered subscribers.

Also some may think how to manage free list building plan, okay that is simple lets say you have a product or ebook for sale then you can do a plan when you promote it through online by offering 1st chapter or a free report relating the product for free when they will opted to your campaign or list and after that who will subscribe to you they will be partially filtered as they know the product you were offering have a cost and still they opted for free report as they are interested in your product. Well….. this is just an example. You can get many more idea invented by you that you can apply in filtering your list so that you can produce better sales and conversion from least customer.

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