Making Business With Your Local Business Shops

local_business_bribeThere are numbers of local business who own an offline shop and really on demand of hiring people or marketer to promote their business. If you decide to work for them then that will be savvy offers for them. So it can be said that making business with your local business shops can be one of a kind either primary or secondary source of income for you. This idea is so phenomenal that in the present time of economic recession and crisis in the job market one can set this business for him and supply the demand for his living.

We are now blessed by information technology and it is not hard to find information through internet or in offline database anymore. Everything is now are managed with organized way now a days. So you can easily find some local business in your area if they are suitable enough to work with.

If you search for local business in your area with google you may easily find some, or you can try yellow page and search business according zip code. When you will find some local business you may find their email address or telephone number, the third option I recommend is offline business directory in case you fail to find them through online. The next thing is making a bribe and getting the quote from the local business store that they can pay you as a commission. Now when your deal is made then its time to prepare your marketing plan. If the business you will be working for are capable of doing business overseas then make a strategy for example “Flexible Strategy”, and if they are only interested in doing business with the local customer then your strategy should be different, lets say “Local Strategy”. Now lets draw a diagram for both strategies, the diagram here is for example only and not obligatory, you can use your own strategy depending on your need.

Now lets back to the strategy and begin with first one called “Flexible Strategy” , in this strategy you may build a webstore for your local business partner and make a contract with shipping company so that when a buyer orders a product then it can be shipped by the shipping agency. Also you need to plan how to get customer to your shop. The fantastic point here is every sale made from the webstore can be traceable and therefore allow you to get some commission from the local business partner you will be working with.

And For the strategy called Local strategy you can run a CPA offer with a advertise company where only the visitor nearby your city can complete and require to fill up their phone number and email address. Then afterward you can sale those list to your local business partner or use them on a monthly payment basis advertisement for your Local Business Partner’s use.

I know people are now doing this for making money and it is not only accustomed by few people but many. So you can not through away the idea of making money by making business with your local business shops

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