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Terms Of Service

By signing up to 2 dollar VIP CLUB you are agreeing that you will abide by the terms stated in this agreement. 2 dollar VIP CLUB reserves the right to modify this agreement without prior notification to its members.

You agree that you are the legal age in your state and/or country for submitting a contract. You agree that your PerfectMoney account that you will use to sign up with 2 dollar VIP CLUB is owed by you. You must have a good understanding of the English language.

We have no torrents of SPAM as a method of promoting your 2 dollar VIP CLUB referral links. We define SPAM as the sending of any unsolicited commercialised messages. All members found SPAMMING will have their membership terminated and will not be eligible to join 2 dollar VIP CLUB in the future.

You may not attempt to cheat our system in any way. If you want to use our E-books and promotional banners for your website you must upload them to your server.

If you decide to terminate your membership in the future your membership fee will not be refunded. If we decide to discontinue our service you will not receive a refund of you membership fee.

All personal information is stored in the 2 dollar VIP CLUB database and will not be sold or given away to third parties. You give 2 dollar VIP CLUB permission to send you newsletters regarding our program.

If you do not agree with the above terms then you may not join 2 dollar VIP CLUB. If a member violates the above terms their membership will be terminated and their membership fee will not be refunded.
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